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My Skin Buddy



My Skin Buddy is the ultimate facial solution combining 4 proven technologies a clearer complexion, brighter and more even skin tone, and a youthful appearance.


Four technologies:
-Ultrasonic vibration: gently breaks up dead skin cells/ lifting/improves product penetration.
-Iontophoresis: low level magnetic/electrical current to attract debris and increase permeability.
-LED light : red,green,blue
-Thermal heat: aids in emulsifying dirt for easier extractions /improve circulation/natural oxygenation/plumbing.



Compatible with all skincare lines. Lifetime warranty. No need to buy a new brush, it’s all in one piece. Easy to travel with and can be kept in your handbag in case you want to use it in the car or anywhere when you have few minutes for yourself ( perfect usage between zoom calls!)


My Skin Buddy Video

One device that offer multiples benefits:

-Helps maintain and enhance spa results between facials or peels
-Boost ingredient penetration
-Improve the overall appearance of the skin
– Anti-aging, anti-bacterial

My skin Buddy will become your new Cheri (sweetheart in French), this is a guarantee! Shop local with us and enjoy FREE shipping!



“I absolutely love My Skin Buddy! I was using a Clarisonic before and liked it but wasn’t getting the results I wanted. After just one week of using My Skin Buddy, I had noticeable results! My skin is almost completely clear of the “mask-ne” I was getting from wearing a mask all the time. My skin looks and feels tighter also! And it doesn’t dry out my skin like the Clarisonic seemed to. My skin looks more “dewy”. I was a little concerned at first about the 5 minutes it takes to cleanse my skin with it, but i actually really enjoy the nightly ritual! And I love that there’s a setting for when I feel like I need to address multiple skin issues. I would HIGHLY recommend My Skin Buddy for all skin types! I love it!”

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