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Constantly changing factors like climate, stress, hormones and even medication affect your skin on a daily basis. Allow our highly trained estheticians to assist you with all of your skin care challenges.

Beauté Á la carte

We have developed a variety of innovative custom skin care treatments to help correct, rejuvenate, and restore your skin to its natural radiant state.

All of our Facials will be customized to your unique skin care needs.


$140 – 50 mins

$180 – 80 mins


$140 – 50 mins

$180 – 80 mins


$140 – 50 mins

$180 – 80 mins


$135 – 50 mins

$170 – 80 mins

Bisous Facial – $ 150

Performed only by Anne Cécile
(For clients who have under gone or are presently undergoing oncology treatment)

Rest in the hands that will soothe your skin and your mind, whether you are actively going through Chemotherapy treatments, Radiation, have had Lymph Node removal or surgery due to Cancer. We are Specially trained to help you find your “new normal” in skin care, as many clients experience dramatic skin changes with the use of strong medication, chemotherapy, and radiation. Let go of your fears, and rest assured that you are in caring, healing hands, guiding you to a refreshed and relaxed new you.

The Royal ou soin de Royauté Facial – $250

A noninvasive 80 minute facial involving multiples steps: Starting with Dermaplaning, a safe and simple process where the top layer of your skin is abraded with light, feathery strokes, providing exfoliation in addition to removing vellus hair. Then LED Light Therapy which boosts collagen and elastin production, reduces inflammation, triggers natural intracellular reactions, builds, strengthens, and maximizes cellular structure. Finally Microcurrents Therapy which are tiny electrical currents that tones, increases levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), firms and boosts protein synthesis necessary for tissue repair and stimulates your facial muscles. The Effect;  A natural facelift. Your Effect;  “Oh La, La!”

The Oh, La, La! Effect – $50

No time for the Royal treatment? Still want to look and feel fabulous? The LED light therapy combine with micro-current will do the job. Your skin will glow, look more even, feel tone and firm with our Oh,la,la! 30-minute facial.

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