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What is the beauty secret that connected Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe? Both of these modern icons would shave their entire face! By shaving their faces, Elizabeth and Marilyn rid themselves of their vellus hair (the fine “peach fuzz” we all have), giving their skin a beautiful glow.

In the present we continue this classic beauty tradition using the name “dermaplaning.”

Dermaplaning is a safe and simple process where the top layer of your skin is abraded with light feathery strokes providing exfoliation, in addition to removing vellus hair. The result being smoother, healthier, more radiant skin!

By undergoing this treatment you will enjoy a variety of different benefits. Dermaplaning is known to even out skin tone, delay the appearance of wrinkles by increasing collagen production, allow easier makeup application, lessen breakouts, enable skincare products to penetrate deeper into the epidermal layer, and it is also the best method for exfoliating your skin without products and without pain!

The most common concern people have about dermaplaning is whether vellus hair will be darker and thicker than before the treatment. We at Le Visage are happy to say when your vellus hair returns, it will be as fine and unnoticeable as it was prior to dermaplaning.

For ideal results, we recommend scheduling appointments two to four weeks apart depending on hair regrowth. As well, we believe dermaplaning to be the perfect option for nursing and expecting mothers who desire exfoliation but cannot receive chemical peels!

Alors, are you ready for a new complexion? Who wants to be the first to have a breathtaking appearance?

La Cure de Jouvence ou The Marilyn Facial

Santina and Joy   $210 – 80 mins

Anne-Cécile   $230 – 80 mins

The Express Marilyn

Since “The Marilyn” facial is one of the most popular spa services at Le Visage, we tailored our beloved “Marilyn” to cater our on-the-go clients! This allows you to come in give your skin the beautiful glow through dermaplaning in just 30 minutes.

Santina and Joy   $100 – 30 mins

Anne-Cécile   $110 – 30 mins

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