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Le Visage Spa


Tinting is a quick and safe service. With our non-invasive method of dyeing coupled with our wholesome vegetable-based dyes, your lashes will be given natural depth, and your brows will be given contour. Gifting your eyes with a luscious darker appearance- Oh, la la!

Our variety of tint colors enable us to perfectly complement your unique skin and hair coloration providing a naturally flawless look.

Santina and Joy 

Eyebrow Tint   $30 – 15 mins

Eyelash Tint   $50 – 30 mins


Eyebrow Tint   $35 – 15 mins

Eyelash Tint   $55 – 30 mins

Please note that building renovations are currently undergoing. We apologize for our appearance and any inconvenience.

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Le Visage Spa

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