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Le Visage Oncology Esthetics

Anne-Cécile Curot, Certified Oncology Esthetician provides skin care services at Le Visage to cancer patients while they are undergoing treatment therapies or post treatments.

Le Visage addresses the necessities, challenges and constraints of treating patients with cancer in the spa setting safely and effectively while treating the skin.

It is Anne-Cécile‘s vast knowledge of cancer types, basic cancer statistics, cancer research and information, the most common anti-cancer drugs and their side effects, the current radiation therapies used and their effects, her keen awareness of skincare ingredients that are known carcinogens, toxins, irritants, and their harmful to the skin when used that allows her to provide the best skin care possible for you.

Anne-Cécile modifies her customizes spa treatments to accommodate cancer patients with her compassion and empathy all the while understanding the impact of cancer on the human psyche, psychological reactions, defense mechanisms, on the cancer patient’s family, friends, colleagues and the cancer survivor.

As we say in France….“ Le pouvoir du touché” (the power of touch).


Please note that building renovations are currently undergoing. We apologize for our appearance and any inconvenience.

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