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Les peelings
We have a series of unique peels, which result in a healthier more youthful skin. Whether you need improvements with hydration, hyperpigmentation, anti-aging, or sensitivity. There is a peel for you.

50 Minutes…$225+

Kojic Clay Peel

This peel minimizes hyperpigmentation, reduces signs of aging, and promotes healthy, glowing skin. After an hour you’ll feel like a star!

Baby Boomer Peel

This treatment is your super anti-aging weapon! An application of gentle and stimulating acids will minimize fine lines and encourage cellular activity leaving your skin looking and feeling younger.

Rosacea Peel

Reduce inflammation and add supportive healing and soothing properties to the skin. It’s a great cell turnover peel with a mild exfoliation for a healthier look.

Go & Glow Peel – $160

This peel improves hydration and minimizes skin sensitivity. The ideal choice for rejuvenating dry and reactive epidermis. Your skin will be glowing and healthy after a few days!

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